Vision 2020

UNITED FOODS wants to be the most Trusted and Preferred Commodity Export Company in EMEA by 2020, offering the best value to its customers through its various product offerings.


UNITED FOODS’ mission is to create and sustain long term relationships with all its internal and external stakeholders by following and creating best industry practices and ensuring superior customer satisfaction


Understanding our customers and being flexible to help them achieve their objectives has always been our ideology.


Our philosophy of doing business is to consistently deliver highest quality products and services to our customers with a special emphasis on being transparent and ethical in our business practices.

The Logo

Our new brand identity talks about everything we stand for. The colour blue gives a strong face to our company with our core principles being trust, honesty and loyalty. The sleekness and precision of the logo imitates the professional attitude that we dedicate to our mission. The symbol in the logo constitutes each of the grains, rice, sugar, wheat, etc.; grains that are key to our business. The circular shape formed out of these particles shows our vision and global perspective to our business.

Our new tagline “nurturing relationships” emphasizes not only on our core business, but also enumerates how important relationships are for us as an organization. Whether it is the employees, workers, suppliers, end customers or distributors, each one of you holds the same respect in the eyes of our organization and we believe that we would never compromise on any commitments made to you.