Risk Managment

Delivering the committed value to our customers is one of our prime brand promises. At the same time this industry particularly is elastically affected by external factors which are mostly economic in nature. Currency fluctuations, external demand, supply stock amount, international politics, and many more are the factors that can affect the promise we make to our customers.

In order to live up to our commitment, we have ventured into the realm of risk management, where a dedicated department has been set up in order to manage these and other risks. The risk management committee follows various methods and models in order to determine the possible risks and their level of impact on every deliverable of the processes and projects. The methodologies used are such that the risk involved at every step of the WBS is formulated out in numeric terms. Depending on the value derived at each stage of WBS a backup plan is created keeping in mind the probability of the occurrence of the risk activity and its impact ratio.

Thus, looking at the entire list of export companies in India, United Foods is different in the way it has formulated its overall busines.

Monitoring And Control Management

We believe in the philosophy that an ocean is made of a zillion smaller droplets. Similarly, every project or the end result is made up of multiple smaller tasks and activities. We make sure that we emphasize on the smallest of tasks which make up the entire project. This is done through our various software installations which majorly expertise in the field of project management. Through these softwares, we are able to monitor and control even the smallest of activities that are undertaken in a particular project. Thereby, we ensure that we are giving the most effective and efficient delivery to our customers.

Quality Control

We at United Foods possess multiple industry standards. Some being ISO 9001:2008, ISO22000:2005, HACCP, FSSAI, APEDA and GMP. For more information on each please visit the Industry standards page.